Sweet Dream Reviews

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  • “definitely heavy sativa. so hear this: I was trying to take a T break cause I was at the point where 3 grams of GDP wasn't even getting me high... so im 3 days into my T break and I get talked into smoking this shit... and I was blown away. I left my body. we went out to eat and I went cerebral palsy on the cash register. everything was in third person yo. like I was above myself looking down. fucking insane. 10/...”

  • “its a sativa for sure.”

  • “An amazingly uplifting and surprisingly euphoric hybrid! Gives you the warm fuzzies, encouraging productivity. Just relaxing enough to relieve anxiety. Great strain for depression.”

  • “Got this tonight in two pre-rolled joints. Picked up the last two joints in the entire dispensary so I was lucky to get it. Wanted to try it based on the Leafly description, with my depression and anxiety, it sounded right up my alley. It's a light high, it's not heavy, doesn't put you to sleep but keeps you wake without being too hyper. Just a nice calm, chill, light and airy high. Was perfect for my anxiety and dep...”

  • “positives: mood and high euphoria negatives: dry mouth, very slightly paranoid, and clumsy”