Sweet Dreams Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sweet Dreams is a better night-time smoke than even some pure indicas, but don't let that put you off enjoying this gentle hybrid in the early evening. To me, Sweet Dreams has a really unique feel, and is perfect for anxiety alleviation or just relaxing during the day. It's not an intense relaxation- it doesn't give your sense of self an experiential Turkish bath like some strains do. It's mellow, floaty, and gentle-...”

  • “150 mg disposable pen from PTS. Another reliable and discreet pen that has a delicious lemon flavor profile. The butane extract vapes smooth and produces a strong euphoria and increases appetite. This is a smaller quantity for a disposable pen. It will last 1 or 2 days of regular use. It is inexpensive, so that offsets the smaller size.”

  • “Excelent and clean high, very nice aroma.”

  • “one of my favorites "medically", relieves my anxiety so well and helps to put me in a gooood sleep! strong "kush-skunky" smell and aromas, love it!”

  • “It was a really heavy indica,you just wanna chill on the couch and watch some toons with a bag of doritos or cheetos”

  • “i had two experiences with this, one great, one awful. the first time was awesome. i was a little sluggish and was definetly a poor choice of strain for going hiking, but i was relaxed and happy. the second time i smoked more and i had a hard time with depth perception, walking, and communicating as if i was sober. i had to stay in bed the rest of the night because i felt so incapable moving. good in moderation, but ...”

  • “love it!!!”

  • “Exactly as stated. Not quite a 4, yet better than a 3.5. Nice.”