Tahoe Alien Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a pretty chill high. Hit my bong about 20 minutes ago and I feel like my normal self, but in the best mood possible. Smoking this weed makes you feel like you're walking down the street, wearing your favorite outfit and crushing life.”

  • “My medical strain is cloned from this Tahoe Alien og strain. It does all that I hoped for.”

  • “Great strain for relaxation and pain. Gradually took my migraine away and relaxed me. Good for resting for sleep but didn't put you to sleep. This weed also made me talkative and tunnel visoned but focused. Smoooooooth. New fave for medicating”

  • “My medical strain is cloned from this. Great for daytime use. Energized and focused without anxiety or being too "uppity". Great for nausea.”

  • “the strain I tried was out of a CT medical dispensary(Theraplant 14006)... it was crossed w tangerine kush. THC just under 25% and high cbd as well. I found it to be very potent and effective! great smell reminiscent of the older haze strains,and a flavor to match. would definitely recommend this strain for most anyone, particularly those looking for a heavy high”

  • “I was in Crested Butte for the past holiday weekend and picked up an 1/8 at SOMA Colorado. In no hurry I stopped by after their skier rush, if there is such a thing in The Butte. I picked the highest elevation shelf they had and was presented with this Alien. Upon further review this Alien is added to my A List, no1. As In: All Time. High CBD and low THC? Ya Buddy or so I thought, pleasant head effect for 15.3% TH...”

  • “I had some delivered to my job,I could not hide the smell. I had it tucked in my sock+covered by 4 layers(thermals,flannel pjs,sweats,jeans) of pants....my coworkers said they smelled it. Had to stash it outside. I was finally off of work and rolled one up,here it is hours later and I just came to like "what happened? Last thing I remember was leaning back getting comfy"”

  • “Meh didn't live up to discription.”