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Tahoe Hydro Champagne Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is very unique. Upon exhaling the first hit, you are left with a taste of sour earth, with a touch of floral and pine. The smell has similar traits, but has a sharp hint of cheese also. A good weekend strain; the energy that is given from this sativa hybrid is not too dominant but enough to get you up and moving. It is a fun, euphoric buzz that gets you talkative and engaging. Perfect for a social setting...”

  • “This was a surprising turn from your everyday sativa. Starting off with a sweet and mellow flavor with a tart, almost tangy aftertone, Champagne hits with a rush of tingles at the fingertips before it begins to even out with a relaxed body and a chatty, energetic head. Perfect for an afternoon out or an evening in. Great for the active user.”

  • “Shitty, hazey high. Waste of lung.”