Tahoe Hydro OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is one of THE strongest OG's on the market! I have been able to purchase this only in Las Vegas. From what I understand it will be coming to more stores in LV along with a few in Northern NV. If you haven't tried this and you are a die hard OG fan, your missing out! Believe me, phenomenal!!! Whom ever is growing this, hats off.”

  • “Dude, this shit is the bomb. The head high FLOORS you while the body buzz numbs you into euphoria. Tastes great, and is a nice clean smoke. I chiefed this out of my one-hitter and it is awesome. The only downside is slight paranoia.”

  • “This is 5 Dot OH! What an OG and anybody northern Nevada that loves anything Tahoe grows! If you're from the bay this is the perfect morning drive up to Tahoe feeling. Little bit of The Bay from 7k (elevation). 😅 (more sativa dominated for sure) Excellent review of course, follow for more!”

  • “This strain is a really smooth experience and acts pretty fast, the high is pretty good but if youre searching for something to get really high i dont recommend it, the high is mellow and doesnt last really long (around 2.5 hours) which can be either a good or bad thing. I recommend using it at work when you still need to be somewhat operational but you still wanna get your daily high”

  • “My favorite strain from Tahoe hydroponic company! Smooth hard hitting indica dominated hybrid! Good for pain and stress (ptsd). But all bs aside it's a great high!! Good medicine and good smoke”

  • “Sabe súper suave y no te deja ese picazón en la garganta, es un tanto gentil y muy muy sabrosa... Te pone feliz y ayuda mucho con los dolores”

  • “Crack me the hell up when chilling with friends and making constant jokes. Found myself pretty energetic and comfortable, the munchies game was real.”

  • “A rare gem! Straight up tastiest, smoothest and just overall dankest bud I've had the pleasure of sampling. There should be more stars for this strain.”