Tangelo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain, definitely a very sweet citrusy flavor out of glass as well as wrapped in a blunt. The high is quite laid back, an excellent choice for studying as the effects aren't so much cerebral as uplifting and focusing. Also really a great option for video games and chilling, I like to play video games and I like to get stoned but so many strains don't work like that for me, I get too spacey. Tangelo is the holy...”

  • “I ended up with this strain because I asked for a sativa preroll. The budtender suggested this and another. I took a gamble on Tangelo. I prefer a clear headed sativa that keeps me energized and focused. Lately my favorites are along the lines of Super Lemon Haze & Cinex. Cinex pushes the bounds of euphoria a bit for me. In comparison, Tangelo leaves me buzzing, more euphoric and a little unfocused. I didn't entire...”

  • “Amazing strain...yummy, uplifting, fun strain. I can't help but feel amazing while smoking this strain.”

  • “smooth smoke with a great taste and smell. the high is very focused and energetic. not to be taken if your trying to sleep. left a little more to be desired in the high. the cola's are long and round nice orange color to the hairs with Crystals having a nice color to them. the bud is a little brown and looks dry but it's very dense and breaks down very well for blunts joints or if to don't want to pack your bowl so t...”

  • “sensory high, feels very pleasant”

  • “Not super heavy. Good when you still need to get stuff done. Flavourful, sticky, and smells like lemon.”