Tangerine Dream Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Yo I was vibrating and shit”

  • “So they had this on sale at Lake Effect so I couldn't say no to trying this bud out -Look: Even though it had the standard green bud with orange hairs, it has them in a proportion that has them looking somewhat reminiscent of orange colored citrus -Smell: It has a very well rounded bouquet; you have the rich pungent notes of a good strain along with a refreshing and obvious citrus note -Taste: This has hints of a...”

  • “One of my favorite strains! Smells amazing, smokes awesome and tastes like it smells! Good head buzz but still functional!”

  • “What's so damn lovely about Tangerine Dream is its somewhat unique fusion of relaxation and stimulation. Smoking this strain for the first time, I felt like a triumphant alchemist who'd finally found the real 'philosopher's stone', cerebral, rational, and penetrative. The moment you inhale this bud, its indica side melts away all mental tension, untangling emotions and thoughts, enveloping the user in a sense of sa...”

  • “This is a great strain. Tangerine Dream is like being wrapped in the warm embrace of Morpheus. The body is significant enough to relax and relieve stress and fatigue. The head high is slightly overpowering making this hybrid more suitable for activities. Unless you burn down the pipe so to speak. Then it will meld you to the couch. Overall I like this strain it's very pleasant.”

  • “Tangerine Dream is a very clear headed high, that can help block pain and reduce stress. Very citrusy smell, pretty smooth, slightly acidic taste on the exhale.”

  • “This strain makes me think of Blue Dream in effect, giving you the mellow body with mild indica and a wonderful connected cerebral intensity that allows great focus throughout the day.”

  • “Tangerine Dream is one of those really nice energetic focused highs but still keeps you grounded, so there is no paranoia. Real relaxing and mellow at the same time. I think the best thing about this bud though is the smell and the taste. Sweet, but not overly sugary. If you are drinking a soda when you smoke it, it takes on the sugary taste - tasty!!. One of my fav's.”