Tangerine Haze Reviews

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  • “Have purchased 3 Vape Cartridges of Tangerine Haze. It does taste exactly like tangerines. The energetic euphoria, relaxation, pain relief and all around great feeling of this strain puts it in my top 5. Tangerine Haze is a daytime smoke into the evening. About an hour before bed I switch to an Indica. It's my best friends favorite also.”

  • “In the state of Connecticut it called Sativarin A. It is grown by, in my opinion, the best grower in CT, AGL aka Advance Grow Labs. Great citrus smell as soon as you open the bottle. The taste matches the smell. Sweet, citrus, clean, and light but not in a bad way. The orange hairs on it look like Peggy bundy's hair. The trichomes are noticeable through out the bud. It doesn't seem that dense of a bud but it breaks u...”

  • “I don't normally give five-star reviews, but Tangerine Haze earns it. G13/Haze x NYC Diesel creates a truly heroic hybrid. Nice cerebral uplift with a super-calming body high that won't put you out unless you take way too much. If the fantastic effects weren't enough, these flowers are both beautiful to look at and exude the most tantalizingly tangerine-y aroma that somehow translates perfectly to the palate. Wow! Gr...”

  • “PTS did it again. It smells like tangerines. Does not have a bitter taste. This strain, like their Chi Haze is excellent for inflammation, and pain relief. It's the CBN. And PTS did a great job with this strain. It gets you moving, not sitting. And that gets the appetite going. I have alot of pain. And if it wasn't for the CBN in this strain, which is high, I don't know how I'd be able to get around. It make...”

  • “Makes you feel like you're smoking the first time again”

  • “Got some of this yesterday. I love Haze, but am skeptical of crosses. They rarley remind me of the Haze i know(or atleast the pheno we had). As soon as i opended the bag i caught the distinct tangerine stentch. It also had a pungent hazy undertone which transfered perfectly to taste when smoked. It may actually taste better than it smelled, felt like a cat pissed on a tangerine and then shoved it up my nostrils. The...”

  • “I'll start off by saying I'm an indica lover. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy Sativa's but if I had to pick it'd be indica, no question. As for Tangerine Haze, I really liked it. Definitely made me energetic, and had no tiredness after(although it does give me the munchies. Great daytime strain. Smells just like Tangerine and the orange hairs coming out of it are unbelievable-I'll post a pic. My strain came in at a little...”

  • “I had the pleasure of running into some White Tangerine Haze out of Denver Colorado and boy ol' boy was this a hidden gem!! Absolutely splendid smoke! This particular strain was a delicious and delightful high! I felt as though my stress had been washed away while also allowing me to be fully energized and focused on my work at hand! I highly recommend this strain! If in Denver, go hunting for this one!!!”