Tangerine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked with a friend and we both loved Tangerine so much that we went back to buy more the next morning. This is a fun, euphoric, giggly and potent high with energy in the beginning and then deep happy relaxation at the end. We highly recommend this strain!”

  • “Smells exactly as it tastes, a very strong tangerine/orange scent is emitted as soon as you open your container. The first hit is heaven, tasting like you just bit into a tangerine, it's very enjoyable. The high is amazing as well, feeling energetic and happy. Definitely a favorite.”

  • “love this strain! use it to self medicate for crohn's and RA. doesn't give much of an appetite stimulant but it's great in all other aspects- energy boost, stress relief, euphoria, and smells devine. Will definitely want to keep this strain on hand 👍”

  • “Love this! Makes me feel very creative and uplifted with no paranoia”

  • “Super Tasty. Long Lasting High. Very Light Pine taste on the exhale, but not overpowering. Really Good Value.”

  • “What can I say about tangerine that is honest and also brutal at the same time. Lest start by saying if you don't respect this strain then you will find out very quickly moderation is the law when it come to smoking this one. Smoke too much and you will end up in the bathroom puking your guts out. Smoke just enough and you will enjoy movies like you have never seen them before. This strain is my go to for the ultima...”

  • “This strain is noticeably sativa dominant. It had me loving the music I was playing. Great taste. Amazing smell. Pretty looking sticky buds. I enjoyed this one for sure.”

  • “Nice hairs and taste would definitely purchase again 🇨🇦 It's a well balanced high the dry mouth is bearable one does not get extremely hungry but lots of fluids are necessary to enjoy the ride 😎 you digg!?”