Tembo Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is some value bud I picked up and was very pleasantly surprised how lifted I got from smoking so little. Seems to smoke like a straight Sativa, sweet smelling with a nice energetic kick.”

  • “wow this strain is great. smells really good and smokes smooth. full of hairs and crystals, everyone I have let try this strain has loved it. I will be buying more. thank you Buds in pasco.”

  • “This strain provides a relaxed body with an active, focused mind. Very clear minded high followed by the classic Indica couch lock.”

  • “ok buzz. Lasts awhile. Moderately euphoric.”

  • “I found it and it was called mammoth. I searched this site and this is what the search came up with. It sounds identical to what I have I guess the strain died out but it's nice to know that it's still out there somewhere because it worked well for me. So I don't ramble on I will get to the review if you guys don't approve of it you guys can take it down I don't care just trying to give me $0.02 ...”

  • “mammoth has a strong taste from the Durban, but a nice mellow high that rates well with me.”

  • “I bought a oz of this at Seattle Tonics for $240 I was amazed by the deal I got. this stuff could be easily $300. This is some great hydro. I will be back for more i love Durban poison and I definitely get more Durban than kush in this strain.”

  • “When I got this bud it was called Og Mammoth but every other review and the way the sit talks about it sounds like this bud. I love this bud. Smokes you out for just a small about. And works great in a grinder. But the density is weird. I got fluffy nugs and extremely dense nugs. Would recommend this bud.”