The Truth Reviews

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  • “A very uplifting strain from my experience. I felt very positive and happy but very lazy while medicated. I am naturally a low key, introspective person and I definitely felt more social as well. I totally recommend The Truth.”

  • “Remarkable strain, even amid the current proliferation of varried genetics; the first I've felt compelled to review and rate a 5. As sampled 10/2014: The flavor is at once familiar, owing to a very sweet and clean skunk flavor, and unique in the interplay with the chem twist. The resin production is heavy, sparkling; flowers a medium-heavy overall density; impressive for the strong sativa presentation in character....”

  • “I used to smoke quite a bit, and over the last year I have been on a tolerance break of my own choice. This is one of the first strains I had that I wasn't already used to. The onset is quick, not more than 4 or 5 minutes for me, and each hit I took was definitely noticeable. Flavor is superb and smooth. The high itself was extremely interesting for me. As I was coming up noises were very pronounced and while I was w...”

  • “straight fire”

  • “I got the shatter/sugar version of a Sour cross of this strain and I love it for a good day time dab or maybe with some tea. Strong and sweet skunk taste. Almost like diesel fuel but too earthy.”

  • “Hands down a GREAT strain. It kept me very concentrated and focus, but really mellowed the body and calmed my worries.”

  • “Just got this strain in Asheville. Definitely a good one. Works wonders for head and backache.”

  • “Can you handle the truth? Yes you can and you will have a really good time doing so! The Truth is listed as a hybrid and It has been my favorite hybrid for awhile now, some things take its place from time to time but I always come back to the truth. THC is shown as 19.5% but it still hits me nicely even when my tolerance is high. The effect on this is what I like to call a "do stuff high." I smoke it and I want to ...”