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The Void Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Without a doubt, a killer. Mine was grown hydroponically, not in dirt, so the experience is different, slightly. Its is a 60/40 hybrid favoring indica. Mixed with Querkle and Apollo 13 (correct me if I'm wrong, thx). The bud itself, has almost a 'caramel' hue to it, dusted white. (7/10) Smells like a skunk fucked a skunk. (8.5/10) .33 grams The Void in clean Wooden Pipe: Earthy, slightly sweet undertone, i...”

  • “Great motivational high. I have been procrastinating some adult stuff, and every day I don't get stuff done I get depressed. This sexy strain made me get everything on my list done and I had a blast doing it. High 5/5 Like I said super motivational, not so much energetic. Taste & smell 5/5 YUM YUM can all my dabs taste like this? Sweet dank taste. The smell stinks up my room even though it's shatter. I have tried s...”

  • “I had a gurls name tattooed on me but when I smoked this strain it motivated to get the VOID stamp over her name! Now that is sum good Ssshhhhhiiiiiiittttt n she it!”

  • “One of the Best strain around AZ right now def check it out way worth it”

  • “Top notch strain for PTSD patients. Highly recommended. Almost instantaneous pleasurable lift. Smoke a whole bowl and you won't want to do anything but putter around the house and listen to music. Great nighttime weed. A few puffs right before winding down and I go right to sleep. Able to relax, stretch and feel sedate, yet fully in control. For some reason, my pug dog goes absolutely nuts when I take the lid...”

  • “A pretty nice sativa with a great TGA sub-cool makes for a wonderful uplift in the beginning, a perfect choice if you are feeling sad or angry. Grew it outdoor, had a nice sweet smell with a hint of piney cheese. Hands down one of the best strains, if you are a TGA lover you should defiantly purchase a pack. If you are a lover of hybrids... a definite leaner. Once dried it had a sweet earthy smell. The taste was grea...”

  • “Looks: frosty with purple hints, small pop nugs. Effect: gave me the motivation to clean my patio and sort threw my closet at night. Also produced instant hunger for me, I mean I put my joint out so I could go get food.”

  • “Exquisite! The description was on point, this is definitely a high motivation strain. I would suggest pair this with a sativa that gives you energy to stay productive and control that raw mental power. Smells great, tastes grape. Fantastic if you need to get things done.”