The Void Reviews

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  • “Without a doubt, a killer. Mine was grown hydroponically, not in dirt, so the experience is different, slightly. Its is a 60/40 hybrid favoring indica. Mixed with Querkle and Apollo 13 (correct me if I'm wrong, thx). The bud itself, has almost a 'caramel' hue to it, dusted white. (7/10) Smells like a skunk fucked a skunk. (8.5/10) .33 grams The Void in clean Wooden Pipe: Earthy, slightly sweet undertone, i...”

  • “A pretty nice sativa with a great TGA sub-cool makes for a wonderful uplift in the beginning, a perfect choice if you are feeling sad or angry. Grew it outdoor, had a nice sweet smell with a hint of piney cheese. Hands down one of the best strains, if you are a TGA lover you should defiantly purchase a pack. If you are a lover of hybrids... a definite leaner. Once dried it had a sweet earthy smell. The taste was grea...”

  • “I had a gurls name tattooed on me but when I smoked this strain it motivated to get the VOID stamp over her name! Now that is sum good Ssshhhhhiiiiiiittttt n she it!”

  • “Top notch strain for PTSD patients. Highly recommended. Almost instantaneous pleasurable lift. Smoke a whole bowl and you won't want to do anything but putter around the house and listen to music. Great nighttime weed. A few puffs right before winding down and I go right to sleep. Able to relax, stretch and feel sedate, yet fully in control. For some reason, my pug dog goes absolutely nuts when I take the lid...”

  • “Some shatter made by Venom Wax. Got it in CO for 50 a g and is mind blowing. Straight see through golden shatter that smells like candy. Fuggin amazing.”

  • “A great Sativa (Apollo-13) dominant hybrid that allows for high focus while still providing the good medicinal benefits of the Indica (Querkle). Great if you need to remain focused yet medicated.”

  • “I gave this three stars on my last rating, but I've got to raise it one more star. I've had several great realizations during my last couple of highs including this one and I've throughly enjoyed the more clear but still heavy head high. Super relaxing at the same time, like most people tend to say.”

  • “overall it left me with a really cool and relaxing high. I was really happy and I'm so excited to smoke more. worth every cent.”