The White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “One of the best strains you can find, an extremely potent indica. Unbelievably frosty sticky nugs, there are layers of trichomes after trichomes. The smell is a slight sour pine, nothing like trainwreck or jack herer and not very strong. There is a very strong taste to it, a taste that may cause beginners to choke. Even real smokers won't be able to hit as much as they usually do, the smoke expands in your lungs sign...”

  • “this shit made me forget my password.”

  • “This is an interesting one for sure. It was recommended to me at The Jazz Club looking for a strain to help with headaches and insomnia. It was their nicest looking strain so I couldn't resist, and it doesn't disappoint. What strikes me the most about The White is my absolute state of calm. With most strains this potent my anxiety disorder is triggered, but this is a purely mellow high with an almost opiate feel. No ...”

  • “I love it. It has narcotic like effects. Definitely feels like an indica. Wonderful for. De-stressing at the end of the day. ReAl Housewives is even more hilarious after a bowl of the White⚡️”

  • “What is up with this strain? I have loved this strain since I first saw, smelled, tasted and marveled in its extreme psycho activity! The first flower I tried was grown by Solstice (see review) Now this flower I'm entwined with is grown impeccably by Freak UV Nature and got damn its 31% THC and as pure and lovely as my first encounter with her. She looks beautiful and tastes so good but don't be fooled she'll knock y...”

  • “It's like having a picnic in the summer. You lay out on the blanket, just relaxing with your significant other. The sun beats down on your face and body providing a warm, tingly feeling. You now also have to squint for like the entire time, but hey, at least it's such a beautiful day out. You grab your picnic basket. Have a little tug of war with Yogi Bear. Win. Then take out the egg salad, PB&J sandwiches, fresh fru...”

  • “This is one of the best strains I've smoked. It's a creeper with a very strong punch. It has a great taste and kind of a mind blowing cerebral high. This one will make you cough.”

  • “Just incredible. This is a HEAVY hitter and I have an incredibly high tolerance. On that note, if you don't medicate often I would dose very lightly with this. This is the FLOYD MAYWEATHER of weed - KNOCKS me out into our Milky Way Galaxy, leaving me floating through the cosmos! More on the indica side, leaving you feeling relaxed and quite sleepy. Definitely one to watch a movie/documentary with.”