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Thelonious Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I have never stated in Leafly that I am amongst other talents a musician who plays all of the Woodwinds instruments and up at our Chalet I have a serious Music Room with all of my Saxophones, Sopranino to a Concert Bass Saxophones. I have a recording suite and read and write musique both. I am a serious musically individual made all that more serious by my constant Cannabis use. My record collection now stands a...”

  • “Super smooth, citrus undertone, amazing body high. Zero pain! This is amazing for someone who is a daily smoker. I'm a major pain sufferer, and typically it takes 3 fatties to do the job. I smoked a pinner, one, uno, and I'm fried.”

  • “this strain does not disappoint. the effects were immediate and pleasant. i felt no pain for at least 2 hours.. and the head high, omg..”

  • “Good, Great, Dandy (tommy boy voice) ... Love it, description is a perfect match in my opinion. In all facets of the description. Very similar to sour diesel”

  • “Real heavy taste & smell, intense mind & body high.”

  • “Great strain! Super relaxing happy time. Makes you feel so ubeat. Great strain for smoking in groups.”

  • “This strain is nice, nice, nice, all the way around. Gentle on the intake, and I never cough or get an irritated throat from using this strain. I admit I decided to first try it because of the name and I associated it with an artsy, creative feeling at first. Fortunately it's also better than most seeming sativa-dominant strains for me with the pain relief. Wonderful as an antidepressant too, in fact I find myself gi...”

  • “I smoked this strain tonight and, while stoned, I cleaned the kitchen and followed it up with spectacular sex. I give this one multiple thumbs up. Revs me up in so many ways. Yummy!”