Think Different Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I really do enjoy this strain. It's stellar for art and music, but it gives some crazy dreams man.”

  • “Its effects are hilarious. Massive creative activity, but in my oppinion it is dangerously strong. If you don't know the correct dose you're risking a paranoid trip (maybe even in the wrong environment to relax again).”

  • “after just one joint i feeld like i had smoke like 3 i had a awsome feeling in my body and i Good nightsleep. the only problem was that i got very paranoid”

  • “This thing popped an amazing product idea into my head not five minutes into smoking it the very first time! People who need creativity will absolutely love this, it is my new favorite strain for doing work.”

  • “Think Different makes you see the world around you in a different way. With a high amount of THC, this is a nice strain to get you chilled and relaxed out.”

  • “"undefined ruderalis strain"... Interesting.. =P Very good taste =o Nice energetic strain =] I thought nothing's going to get me "up" from this very sleepy morning, but this strain did "pick me up" =) Does help me think different, in a sativa(ish) way.. heh..”

  • “It's very good flavors. Very very cazzo good flavors”

  • “Great bud if you need to relax yourself doing what you have to do. It gives me inspiration and lots of ideas”