Tina Danza Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “new great strain for depression and pain. sticky sweet and lime green. Glad this was on special today as I may have never tried due to the name.It has the best of both worlds, seemingly indica Dominant but the high is energizing, relaxed, and creative feeling great head high and body buzz. When you come down your not all tired either.”

  • “Don't hit you right away but when it does it gets you stuck! Will purchase again 😀”

  • “I was lucky enough to come across a legit batch of this great flower. Mine was a good all day smoke although it was good at night too. I was glad I tried this, I would like to grow some of this because it smells so good.”

  • “I almost skipped this one, kinda glad I didn't. Made my eyes watery so that was a nice change. It also gave me a solid body buzz. Slightly hard on the lungs by the end of my smoke session. This one would be a little difficult to get work done while using. A good anytime of day med.”

  • “I disagree with one of the reviews. I found it indica dominant! Great pain relief I must say! But not one to use if you want to get anything done! I couldn't find a lot of information on it and it seems to be a relatively new strain with impressive lineage. But, as I said, my experience is heavy indica. Couldn't find it anywhere but Inkster, Mi!”

  • “Delicious! Green, sticky, super soft. Tastes like fresh pine and earth. A great choice for Saturday morning wake and bake!”

  • “Strange name... Great buda”

  • “I love the way it slides you into total relax mode, it works through your system, relaxing and relieving pain. A definite must have for my evenings.”