Tommy's Home Grown Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of the four new Certified Tommy Chong Strains only available at Encanto Green Cross Dispensary. I got to try three of the four but this was the most sativa dominant. It has a tropical taste with a hint of earthly flavor, and brings to mind that comfortable feeling of home. I was energetic and uplifted. Dispensary recommends THG to aid in stress, depression, and a variety of inflammatory conditions.”

  • “I didn't feel a thing !”

  • “i think if it was grown right it would be bomb”

  • “this is my new favorite!!!”

  • “Excellent alert, calm feeling. Feels like a nice, clear-headed Sativa. Great for daytime use, I didn't get any paranoia.”

  • “This strain is good. Definitely gives you a great high and you feel really relaxed after. It's nothing too special though and it makes your thoughts really foggy. It's definitely a great strain, but it's nothing extremely memorable.”

  • “thank you chong. i love this strain!!!”

  • “Very impressed with this Sativa. Great sweet earthy smell and same kind of taste. Feel alert but yet relaxed. Desert Bloom has this on stock right now, I highly recommend!”