Toxic Reviews

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  • “I'm surprised there isn't many reviews about this insane strain. It's a powerful strain hits the spot big time man. If you're a stoner and you don't get high no matter how you much you smoke. Smoke a J of this shit and then we will talk. Perfect shit 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯💯💯💯”

  • “I’m the type of girl that loves a sticky bud. This is by far the BEST strain I’ve ever smoked. It relieves stress right away, and I have high anxiety. If you have high anxiety I suggest Toxic. Very happy with this. Everyone smokes weed differently, all I suggest about this , is to smoke little by little at a time.”

  • “Buena hierba que te deja de cama a las horad”

  • “First time I had it was from a medical dispensery in California you can bet I was on my ass on another level couldn't be bothered to move and felt so relaxed.”