Trash Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up a gram from Phat Panda because of the name alone. We smoked it in bed while watching TV... first bowl, nothing. Second bowl, I thought "hmm, maybe it's going to be a body relaxer only." Third bowl and holy bananas did we have takeoff!! More like meltdown, really. Makes everything nice and fuzzy and great, your body feels like jello, and your eyelids become heavy. So, so heavy. I went back to the shoppe an...”

  • “I got turned onto Trash at the Herbery in East Vancouver. The package features a panda putting its detached head into a trash can...yeah that's how you feel. Your head is floating on a string detached from your body as you quietly hum "And She Was" by the Talking Heads. Water droplets and green fuzzy moss will take on new meaning. Unwrapped Starbursts will be your life for the next 2 hour ride on a magic couch. You...”

  • “Asked for budtender's choice on some Phat Panda personal and surprised by this surprise! All-over amazing strain for the everyday. I didn't find it locking or munchy, definitely helped my knees with their complaints on the hike for berries.”

  • “Trash is a great awake high, it keeps you alert, yet in a great mood. Some hunger pains, but not much else to complain about. Great smoke, got it from Phat Panda on the 4th of July sale.”

  • “Very smooth and great taste. Definetley not trash at all. Very sweet and earthy aroma. Very easing high which wept away all my stress. Great Bud overall”

  • “This strain is very tasty, the high is mellow and smooth. Overall one of the best highs I've experienced 🍁”

  • “Great for daytime use. Relaxing yet still keeps you focused and upbeat.”

  • “New favorite..... This stain was made for me.”