Travel Joint Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “High like a skyscraper”

  • “This is my new favorite stain!! My first time to try this and it felt amazing! Caught myself smiling, just feeling happy and uplifted :) I want more!”

  • “Felt very aroused, nice strain”

  • “My favorite strain of all time. Green Life is a full organic commercial no till facility and all of their medicine is amazing. This one is my fave. :)”

  • “💼🍵 Travel Joint is a very energetic sativa dominant hybrid with some interesting characteristics. It's flavor is similar to tea, with a slight minty taste. It will give you a cerebral blast of energy and focus and a nice body high to go with it. A wonderful morning or get stuff done kind of strain. I would recommend this to anyone looking to be functional and creative without feeling too stoned. Green Life Producti...”

  • “Smelled of mushrooms and soil, tasted of burnt nothingness if that makes any sense. Definetly wouldn't try again.”

  • “Green Life Productions always has quality product. This being a more limited product. The second version of this was exceptional and had the highest THC at its time, when the second version was out.”