Tree of Life Reviews

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  • “I had the privilege of growing this one this year, it was the biggest plants we had very long tall flowers and the smell was a amazingly pungent, but didn't see much purple except in the stems,the buzz is strong and hits fast and very euphoric, later on sleep is calling. I had a smile glued on, it makes me giggly and laugh at stupid things,feels very good,almost like you are floating. I plan on bringing this strain...”

  • “Doctor, my eyes! This strain is everything I like about weed. I appreciate the light cbd pain relief with that deep tissue thc massage. It's like the jolly green giant split into millions of tiny jolly green buds and started dancing around on my aching shoulders, playing sick pan flute music and letting those green togas sway in a pacific ocean breeze in September. I still feel energetic and just remembered I bro...”

  • “This is my dream bud. Goals, truly”

  • “I rarely go for anything even remotely related to sativa, but this strain is excellent. I loved Trainwreck the few times I found it, which is the dominant indica strain in Tree of Life. This doesn't make me feel anxious or make my head spin like I'm used to sativa making me feel. Really mellow, relaxing, pain-relieving high with this one. I don't feel too couch-locked which I'm sure is thanks to the sativa end of thi...”

  • “I just placed my first order for an ounce of Atomical Haze, and oh my word... I am pleased! I have fibromyalgia so I'm always looking for strong medicine, but I'm an artist so I prefer the brightness of sativa strains. Three bong rips and it dialed my pain down from hellish to "eh, this kinda sucks". Better than that, I feel energized and upbeat for the first time in days! That is no small feat, and a fact that will ...”

  • “a great choice anytime if day. From wake n bake to sleepy time bowl, Tree of life keeps a smile on your face while letting your shoulders drop to that ideal relaxed level. Def in the reg rotation.”

  • “If you happen to come across this Hibyrd definitely take some time to try a gram trust me you'll be back for more amazing and uplifting cerebral Perfect for morning to mid afternoon. Puff puff pass ⚗😤”

  • “Great taste, great smell. Burns a little harsh, but is well worth the incredible head-high.”