Tropic Thunder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Awesome strain. Testing at only about 18% thc, Tropic Thunder is a great example of the entourage effect as this is a pretty heavy sativa. Sweet tropical fruity flavor, with a nice happy energy. Great for outdoor activities and video games too. Try this from AMA in Vegas.”

  • “Went for a walk and smoked a joint, I had a very good walk....”

  • “I would like to start off by saying the smell is very overwhelming. Very sweet but almost sickly. This is the only strain I have ever smelled that made me think "wtf?" and question smoking it. The buds are very dense. First glance you really only see bright greens and oranges, but once grinded you can easily see all the purple hidden as well. For me personally, I find this strain to be very relaxing, mildly euphoric,...”

  • “The tropical hints of flower make the scent really stand out, while it didn't test too high in thc, I felt like the high was a little too heavy. I picked up an eighth AMAs from Las Vegas Releaf on the strip. I would recommend it based on the scent alone.”

  • “I have been smoking heavy for the past 4 months. TT blows everything else away. really nice mental and body high”

  • “I love the way this bud smells! Very tropical and sweet. Super surprised at how hard this strain hit me because I have been dabbing for the last week.. I would definitely get it again because it scores high with me on taste, smell, and high. The only negative thing I would say for me personally is the high doesn't stick with you very long, but again that could be the week of dabs that I'm comparing it too.”

  • “Real time review! This tastes like fabric softener - ugh. But, I was anxiety-ridden and practically falling asleep and after vaping this I'm more awake, mellowed out, and my stomach feels better.”