Tuna OG

Tuna OG

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What is Tuna OG?

Tuna OG (or OG Tuna Kush) is a 50/50 hybrid cross of OG Kush and Black Tuna. This strain’s robust potency and strong one-two punch to the body and mind make it ideal for seasoned cannabis consumers. The loud terpene profile is also something to take note of, consisting of an overwhelming skunk aroma with intermittent floral and earthy notes. The buds express rust-red hairs and deep emerald greenery that makes the mouth water when coupled with the strain’s intoxicating aroma. Remember to mind your dosage while enjoying Tuna OG, as its strong effects will debilitate even the most seasoned cannabis consumer.  

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“Hate Tuna, got told by a friend that it doesn't taste like tuna at all and tried it and the high is decent and gives you mad munchies but it did have a strong hint of tuna so that sucked.”

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“I don't know, I can't find where to get it because your site is being so fagnostic. It reads find nearby mesa, az., but where, it never shows me where. I guess I will never know, to review. ZERO STARS.”