Turbo Mind Warp Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Easy flavors and a smooth high, excellent muscle relaxer”

  • “Feels sativa dominant.Good relaxing high that leaves me happy and chilling. Definitely one to pick up.”

  • “A very good smoke. The batch I had was covered vibrant pink hairs. The bud was dark and coated in tricomes. It gives an uplifting feeling, along with energy and the giggles. However causes extreme red eyes.”

  • “I feel nothing for the first couple minutes...then bam! It hits you right in the head and feels like your mind is warped, kinda like standing up for first time after a few drinks. Then calms down to an euphoric, not really energetic but enjoyable. Good stuff, not a favorite though”

  • “I bought awhile back 1/8th of this stuff. i really liked it, made me very euphoric and uplifted.”

  • “great for muscle spasms”

  • “Fire! Phx Bloom Awesome high!”