Tutti Frutti Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Strain Name: Tutti Frutti Grade: A-) You have to try it! Type: Sativa dominant Hybrid Looks: B+) Big fluffy buds going all direction. Light green with an orange/yellow powdery coat (many trichomes). Smell: A) Sweet lavender smell at first. Second time, heaven of berry, oranges, or is it really?! Could not resiste to sniff it again and again! Taste: B+) Very sweet on inhale, but not so nice on exhale and a bit ha...”

  • “Smells/tastes great. Effective high that lets you function well and happy during the day. Helps with my allergies and the day after I wake up energized.”

  • “This strain is a real treasure. gives you an uplifted almost childlike happy feeling but is clear enough to keep you productive.”

  • “Great strain. I enjoyed the high off of it and everybody else has nice highs off of it as well. It was uplifting and for me, I didn't feel too couch locked afterwards (though pretty much everybody else said they did). It was a very nice weed for just sitting down and relaxing.”

  • “I like it but I find it I have to smoke two joints to get me where the wild things are hahahaha, but its good smoke”

  • “This was a good way to medicate seeing as a half ounce is 125 in New Mexico, which was beyond reasonable. Great outdoor grown California smoke , Citrus scent at first then accompanied by hints of Diesel and skunk. Only takes 1 bowl to gain relief, this is mostly Sativa so it will get you going in the morning and throughout the day, I did become more "immune" to the strain after 7 grams though.”

  • “it's a nice slow burn and light smoke, but its doesn't have that high I want from it...had to smoke two spliffs”

  • “This is a top 5 strain I have ever had. It's taste is hardly given justice by the desciption "Fruity"(at least for the grower I got it from over a decade ago in the Seattle area). It has a stimulating high, well capable of cognizance and clarity in my experiences. But this was a long time ago I had smoked this, so my memory isn't totally pure... (And my tolerance back then was pretty darn high). In my experien...”