UK Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my fav's so far!!! Great for kicking back, & just being happy & in a great mood!!!”

  • “This is a fantastic blend. Fast head high, near immediate relief of pain, & overall just a pleasant sativa effect. Love it! This strain is the BEST for PAIN hands down...without making you pass out or getting the dreaded couch-lock. The high also lasts much longer than pure sativas with the energetic effect - nearly a full 2 hours without any reduction in benefit. My favorite to date! :-)”

  • “Mellow high, gets you so relaxed and talkative with your mates. Best of British, pick it up if you can!”

  • “I am used to all the heavy OG's and great Kush's. So when I was recommended this strain I was looking for something to deal with my stress levels and my anxiety. I was reluctant because no others worked before. But this made all of my stress and anxiety just melt away. The indica side of it gave a nice relaxed body buzz into a deep sleep after a couple of hours. Love, Love, Love this strain.”

  • “Had one packing joint, high as fuck.”

  • “A very nice hybrid and with great taste too. In 10 minutes expect the munchies to be upon you! This Hint of cheese smelling strain is not the cheesy-est. But the aroma while in bag or container - is amazing. After smoking you feel uplifted and calm. Relaxed. ready to watch anything, yet stay awake during!”

  • “Nice hybrid 👌 Pretty well-balanced between sativa and indica side and fitting in any day and night time. Cheesy taste and smell with la few skunk elements.”

  • “Picked up an eighth of this strain a couple of days ago, slapped some peanut butter and the (grinded) weed on a couple of crackers, put in the oven and heat it. It took about an hour and a half for me to actually realize the effects - I was washing the dishes when it hit me; it was amazing! It just made me feel like running around but I wasn't aloud out so I laid down on my bad and rocked out to some amazing reggae. ...”