Ultra Sonja Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I picked this up as a nice member of a 4 pack with 2 Sativa dominants and 2 Indica dominants. The buds, which look medium-dense with nice, dried red pistils. The smell is sweet and rich with spices. When you hit the smoke, it has this light woody taste like an aged piece of lumber or the rooms they use to keep acoustic guitars humid. Then comes the main flavor, which is like an herbal tea taste, followed by earthy an...”

  • “Good strain. Pretty intense body high for me. This is my before bed and deep thinking cannabis.”

  • “Very nice Strain. Felt the effects almost immediately. Only smoked half a bowl and it has me feeling good. Definitely good to be used as a de-stresser/ before bedtime”

  • “It was a very good strain I like it a lot it makes you relaxed happy and you get a nice high of like half a bowl”

  • “My favorite! I love smoking some while I'm laying in bed. The scent really connected with me. As soon as I exhale I feel my body relaxing. Great if you have any issues falling asleep or want to have late night deep talks with your partner :-) ENJOY!”

  • “I got some of this the other day, & I've been feening to try it for a while & I gotta say it's delicious! I love the smell to it, it's so cheesy, I would for sure put this strain at the top of my list, good to smoke on the regular basis because of its cerebral effects, I stay focused.”

  • “I like it, relaxing.”

  • “Uplifting and energetic and gives you a cerebral high to get up and go!”