Valentine X Reviews

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  • “Having heard this was akin to ACDC with a CBD to THC ratio of 25:1, I desperately wanted to find this. A dispensary nearby finally started carrying it so I bought some. I was so excited that I had found something like ACDC since I have a very low tolerance for THC and a negative reaction to even a moderate amount of it. I was assured by the budmaster at the dispensary that this wouldn't get me high since it had ...”

  • “My particular strain from my prescription was rather leave fee instead of being tight. I found that packing one bowl for one it was much more effective than trying to pack a full bowl. You want to leave the leaves exposed on this one if you're smoking it in a pipe or bong, it seems to increase the surface area and the euphoric effects of this is much faster than most strands I've experienced. David Z”

  • “I was incredibly impressed with this low THC strain. I've had my medical card for a while now so I've accumulated quite a tolerance, and I must say that after smoking about .7g I was sufficiently high, incredibly sloppy, and very happy.”

  • “Strain has high cbd levels and it was suggested to me due to my request for a strain without THC. This is a relaxing strain, with some euphoria as well as some sleepiness. This is very stress reducing and calms the nerves in both a physical way and mentality. I have chronic migraines and anxiety and this strain definately put me at ease and made me forget the pain I was experiencing and allowed me to just sit and rel...”

  • “I stumbled upon this new flower today, made my body perfectly numb while working from home without numbing my brain and/or feeling at all sleepy, I agree pack the bowl lightly not tight for a good burn.”

  • “This is my favorite medical strain. It works well in tincture for a sustained effect and vaporized for higher blood levels and immediate, but shorter lived response. This strain can be as high in CBD:THC ratio as 26:1. CBDA transforms to CBD and is absorbed better from raw plant with high CBDA than decarboxylated plant with high CBD (as much as 4 times increased absorption), but the body's transformation and absorpti...”

  • “super calming and mellow High. definitely perfect for anxiety.”