Venom OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Venom OG IS is the epitome of kush. Leaving you hanging for just a moment and then blasting you in the face just when you start to doubt it. Great strain to smoke before bed, when you're trying to relax, or if you need an appetite because for some reason the munchies are ridiculous. But regardless it's 🔥 to say the least.”

  • “Smoking this before I went to work made talking to frustrating and stressful customers totally effortless”

  • “Bought 2 grams from a local dispensary. The Looks: Like a giant yucca plant the way it sticks out like a pointy bush. The hairs on this are heavily darkened maroon color. Closer up there are some small compact lavender poking through. Shaped like a trimmed rose bud/medium sized popcorn kernel; I can hardly see any calyxes the terps and stubble leaf cover up the integrated structure. These are some super dank nuggets ...”

  • “This variety I got at SMMA in the Fremont area. It is really good for when I need to get things done during the day, but still have pain management. Overall, this is really good medicine.”

  • “Power Bud 💪💪”

  • “Full body high, including a relaxed, calm head buzz. Highly soothing, especially good for sore muscles. Great for watching a movie, any kind would be highly entertaining and may even inspire. All in good time while having a good time. And them; after a short while, be whisked away into a sweet slumber. :)”

  • “Really good after coming down from crack”

  • “I must admit that I have a pretty high tolerance and when I smoked the Venom it was amazing. I have PTSD, Anxiety and this bud crept up on me but when it hit.......................I was amadazed!! I was so relaxed, could still function if I wanted but the relaxing, mind nap was so refreshing. Especially, if you have a hard time relaxing. I purchased this from MichOrganics and it looked and smelled delicious. I s...”