Verde Electric Reviews

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  • “Verde Electric is a new type of Girl Scout Cookie. Similar to the Purple Cookie. But with more of a Cherry Pie/ Og/ Durban Poison mix that looks/ tastes amazing. I'm from the bay and know GSC. This hybrid is an overall balanced high that lasts a very long time and is close to the top of my list of buds. Unlike the Purple GSC, Verde Electric doesn't make you as thirsty. Love to medicate and socialize on it. No paranoi...”

  • “Bought preroll of "verde electric" at Harvest of Tempe. Really enjoying it. Has potential to be an all day strain, but relaxation is so heavy for me I can see the potential for it to be benificial for insomnia and pain. Uplifting, euphoric, relaxed. I was having GI problems before the smoke. After half the roll I was good. Havent gotten the munchies. Also bought "Fire OG" and "Banana OG" 1/8th packs. Will be review...”

  • “A very well put together strain!!! Not a copy cat it is certainly unique. The flavor is indescribably delicious and is delightfully smooth. It has a slight cherry taste with an after taste similar to but better than the Girl scout cookies and as far as I know that is one of the strains the Verde Electric is crossed with. Moving here from the S.F. Bay Area this is the best smoke I have had. It is well worth the drive...”

  • “Verrry smooth smoke, balanced high, great flavor, and great looking nug. Supposed to be a 50/50 hybrid, but it acts slightly more like a sativa dominant strain.”

  • “An excellent bud! First impression was an intense all over body-buzzing high-great for pain management and those in need of a mental hovercraft. Second phase eased into the gut. Can see where this would be a good choice for those with nausea. Third, the head effect is bright and euphoric, not at all stoney, and it lasts a long time. Finally, it let's you down like a cloud. Can't say anything inspiring about the...”

  • “A dispensary near my house, Harvest of Tempe, carries this strain. They say that their growers created it by crossing girl scout cookies and cherry pie. I've used it many times now, and it's one of my favorites. The first hit fills the head, and the second starts to travel down the body. It sounds crazy, but I feel like I can regulate the high by taking more or less. It's not harsh at all. My friends say they l...”

  • “Did you ever not try a strain because someone you don't like loves it & is a total noon to cannabis Well I wish I would've tried it sooner. I got it in shatter form by Canamo. SO STICKY. Every now & then I come across wax so sticky and hard to break off into dabs and this was one of them. I can't explain the high or the taste it's unique in a good way. Great for any time of day.”

  • “I really like this strain! It is great for pain management and I love that it doesn't make me hungry. Stretching feels really good and it gives hours of pain relief.”