Violet Delight Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Such a beautiful strain. Very aromatic and has a great fruity flavor to it. Most importantly..took away the stress and anxiety the day brings. Aquired at Green Sky Collective. Top Shelf bud for sure. Especially when rolled up ✌”

  • “This strain was a slow friendship. It took a few different sessions to really appreciate this one. I have come to love the versatility; it calms stress, makes you feel bubbly, great for sore muscles. It can get you through the day or be a good accompaniment in your nighttime routine. So happy I gave this one a try.”

  • “Really like this strain, the leafly description is one of the most spot on I've read. Smells exactly like a flower and leads to deep thought and good conversations. For someone with a bit of social anxiety like myself, this a great option. 4.5/5”

  • “Super relaxing indica hybrid. Violet Delight has an incredible floral aroma and a nice earthy, almost spicy flavor to it. The body high hit me right away and quickly freed me from the stress of the day. This is a wonderful strain to smoke after a long workday, or to relax on the weekends.”

  • “😍 it's actually pretty smooth. On the exhale I could actually smell, taste and feel the flower petal! Super smooth. It doesn't leave you super relaxed, just enough where you can get through your day!!”

  • TDB

    “I got a batch grown by SoFresh Farms in Portland, OR and it was stunningly beautiful with all over deep purple hues frosted with trichomes. The aroma was even more beautiful and smelled like lilacs dipped in in sugar, which is also how it tasted. The effects were of a mellow indica quality, certainly not a heavy hitter but wonderful nonetheless. One of my all time favorites!”

  • “If you want to focus this is the strain! Haha my husband and I planned a whole Disney trip and a 5 year plan to save up for it! Laughing and planing the whole time! finished the evening off with the munchies pb, cookie butter, waffle cone crackers, yogurt parfait all together! Relaxing euphoric high.”

  • “Fruity and sweet. I was looking for something that didn't put me to sleep. This strain is perfecr”