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Walker Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love my Indicas especially before bed, and this strain is putting me to sleep as we speak. Amazing for insomnia, I picked up some shatter and it's got an amazing taste/smell(shoutout NETA!) not too rough on the inhale or exhale, it's extremely smooth. With a fantastic blend of mind and body relaxation. Can't wait to try the flower next time it's on the menu! Definitely one of my favorite concentrates so far.”

  • “Walker Kush gave me a very nice relaxed and pleasurable mind and body high without being too sedating or heavy. Really enjoyed this one and found very effective for stress, PTSD, anxiety.”

  • “Whoa. Two tips I'm high. I haven't felt like this since I tried Pineapple Express. Pain gone,stress is dead. I'm really enjoying my high from this strain”

  • “This is my favorite strain for my anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. It slows my racing thoughts, gives me a peaceful mind, and lulls me to sleep. From a true medical standpoint, I haven't found a better strain to treat my conditions. This strain gives me a stressfree high without the munchies, dry mouth, and other side effects I normally get. Since I started using it, I find myself less anxious overall, even when I'm not...”

  • “One of my go to strains. Really helps to relieve stress. Not a super strong strain that will put you out, but it's relaxing qualities will definitely help you sleep if that's what you need. Can stimulate appetite.”

  • “This strain made me very relaxed, spacey and drew me inward. I found myself deep in thought. Not a social strain, but good for a solitary, creative setting.”

  • “Relaxing, happy, leads me eventually to a nap that I usually wake up hungry after. Great chill med.”

  • “A few puffs of this and suddenly my feet aren't killing me anymore. Slightly uplifted mood. Pretty good all day strain. Cuts my anxiety and makes me feel more positive without a really high feeling (low doses). Wish it tasted better--I'm not a fan of the sour/cheese aftertaste.”