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Walrus Kush

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What is Walrus Kush?

While normally difficult to ignore, this Walrus is one sneaky gal. Upon first taste, many users may not feel the Walrus’s effects; however, give it a few minutes and this strain will surprise you in ways you never thought possible. Perhaps slightly indica-dominant, Walrus Kush may not be the best medication for getting things done. Fairly well-balanced, it’s a giggly and sociable strain while providing deep, body-relaxing effects at the same time. Great for users who suffer from stress or migraines, Walrus just might be worth a weekend trip to the dispensary.

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Walrus Kush Effects and Attributes

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“This bud is a creeper, and it is very, very potent. do not drive or operate heavy machinary after smoking. it takes about 45 minutes for the buzz to fully kick in, with a body stone that doesnt put you to sleep, and last a little over four hours. i actually got a slight amount of energy from this bud for the first few hours. unfortunatly the come down from this bud will knock you on your ass, which is why i didnt giv...”

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“It takes a little bit of time to kick in, bit when it does, you'll know it. It has a really uplifting and euphoric high with a noticeable effect on your mood. Wonderful for smoking with a group of friends or at a party.”


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