Walter White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “☠️🔥 Heisenberg would be proud. Walter White is an EXCEPTIONAL hybrid with a truly unique balance of flavors and a potent buzz to go with it. The aroma is that of a classic OG with an extra sharp piney smell and a sweet earthy undertone. Subtle citrus tones shine through as well. Beautifully frosted over with trichomes, this OG is definitely will please even the heaviest of tokers. This has quicky become one of my to...”

  • “Extremely fire strain. Had nice cerebral effect with a relaxing body sensation. It felt nice because I was upbeat and energetic, but relaxed and caked. I recommend this strain highly for any one needing potent medication.”

  • “Totally loving this strain from Mephisto Genetics. A solid cerebral shot, as well as an awesome body experience. With a fairly high THC, a true hybrid in every way! Lovin' me some Walter White! 🔥💨🔥💨🔥💨”

  • “This stuff really makes me happy and if you start a task you'll do a great job . A great wake and bake.”

  • “I love it! It made me feel creative and giggly. Definitely helped the depression and stress. I did, however, go on the biggest munchie binge which I do not mind considering I need help gaining weight. I would buy this every time a place has it because I can function great during the day with it 😊”

  • “Just grabbed some of this from the local dispensary! Huge thick dense nugs with lots of dark orange hairs. Has a nice citrusy taste, a little earthy as well. Half way through the half gram joint my whole body just started to feel tingly. My thoughts were immediately happy and at total calm. Shortly after it hits the brain and you're left with the perfect high. It's kind of like that feeling the first time smoking a j...”

  • “tasty pain reliefe and a appetite of destruction”

  • “smells great! nice fluffy buds with white crystals all over it! will definitely buy this again from mile high dispensers!”