Wappa Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The wappa grown from Compassionate ATC in south JerZ is legit. Very dense, heady, strong and clean all the way through. Consistently a light green bud with frosty tips and orange hairs. Strongest bud they have THCA is like 26 I think. Has a clean weed taste. Not a gimmicky flavor just a nice full bodied herb.”

  • “Great strain for back pain this strain grows fast and has fat nuggets for me this strain is a day time smoke smells quite fruity 😃”

  • “I was actually quite blown away by this strain. First off, it smelled like heaven. Very strong scent. I don’t care to add fruity wine style flavor reviews, so I’ll just say this, tastes like marijuana. very good marijuana. Second, it was not shining and coated with crystal like you expect from high THC. My guess is the crystal gets roughed up and shaken off at the greenhouse. Or it could be the nature of organic gro...”

  • “Wappa is one of my favorite strains. It's sticky and full with trichomes! Smells & tastes like candy! :)”

  • “Very good when you really need to stop and relax! This is my pain killer and without this, my nights is living hell with chronic pain. Also good for insomnia.”

  • “Rooty, tooty, fresh & fruity with a sofa load of relax! Patients can enjoy an evening with a 'lil extra chill. Works for my chronic pain so I can sleep.”

  • “It's a little sleepy, but a perennial favorite nonetheless less. Good for HIV related stomach issues. Or for laughing & having fun with your friends!”

  • “Red eyes! Red eyes, bursts of laughter and uncontrolled movements. For me that was wappa in a nutshell. Brings out the typical and the best attributes of marihuana with its balanced thc and cbd level.”