Warlock Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Very satisfied, got the high CBD variant from the guys at Tilray, was tested at 11% THC and 11.4% CBD. Overall bud appearance was good, smell was fantastic with a more florally sweet and earthy sent which was very pleasantly. The high was minimal due to the low THC content but left the body in the state of euphoria without the couch constraints. bottom line, this strain would have to be one of my top pics at the mome...”

  • “Tilray patient review here. This has to be my favourite daytime strain from Tilray. Although this strain is supposedly indica dominant the effects are more sativa like. A head clearing euphoria comes on quick which relieves my stress and anxiety. As the stress melts away the indica creeps in to provide mild to moderate pain relief. The high is uplifting and a little energizing, there is no sleepy couch lock effect. I...”

  • “Good beginners strain.”

  • “Heady and inimate yet uplifting and optimisic with a common propensity to proclaim "wow, I'm stoned," after ten minutes and up to an hour or two. The name fits this hermetic cave-dwelling indica, but once your inside the creative and philosophical juices flow leading to a stone that calms your mind and body but will uplift your soul and consiousness. Great for people with a heavy tolerance to Indicas and need anxiety...”

  • “This was my first time trying out 2 grams of Warlock. At first I was skeptical because of the name but I still had a feeling i've heard of the name before and one of my friends said it seemed like a really good strain that people look for, but he wasn't positive either. Well, I gotta say he was right. What calmed me down at first was the look of it, boy did these buds look good. And from what I recall it had a very p...”

  • “Lite green and purple nugs. Super frosty! Glistning with crystals. Sweet, pungent smell. Musky smoke with a slight fruity aftertaste. Made my nose itch. Warlock does pack a punch. Shit hits you hard! Kinda comes out of nowhere. Super strong high. I could feel my muscels start to loosen up midway through the joint. Left me feeling relaxed and even headed. Definitly a indica dominant hybrid. 30 minutes later i was all ...”

  • “My first time with this strain tonight, all my stress is gone, brain instantly calmed down. I didn't smoke too much as I tend to get terrible anxiety with certain strains but I have a feeling this is going to be one of my new go-to's. Smells amazing, and looks great as well.”

  • “Very enjoyable. There was a slight giddiness accompanied by a relaxing body sensation. I went out to eat Mexican food and it tasted so damn good after having smoked this. A nice, relaxing and not overly powerful strain. Although it relaxes, it did not make me tired. Very agreeable.”