Wellness OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My everyday smoke and I feel lucky for that.. Works beautifully as an anxiety killer and actually gives an amazing body high as well. Not couch locked though, quite the opposite. I feel happy, relaxed, and downright at peace with the Mega Wellness OG. I am blessed living in studio city and having direct access to THE WEED, studio city. I do not work there nor have any relations with anyone whom does. No kickbacks he...”

  • “Hello friendly people. I smoked 1/2 of a joint of Wellness Og 10 minutes ago. I have gathered my wits about me, after a furious blast of THC that was quite pleasant, but I'm glad I wasn't operating heavy equipment for that initial liftoff. Steady as she goes now though. Ready to take control of this spacecraft and make corrective action if necessary. I wrote a very short evaluation of Wellness Og three or four mont...”

  • “I'm an Indica guy myself, so this is one hell of a badass head-high with just enough body action to keep me comfortable. VERY STRONG, piney and hash flavors. Off-the-charts potency, not for beginners! Feels a lot like smoking concentrate, with all the gaps filled in. Truly award-winning.”

  • “I don't know if it is the same strain, but picked up Megawellness Og from Greenwolf in Los Feliz, and it is a must try. you'll start questioning your tolerance because it hits quickly and HARD. Beginners be careful, shit, veterans be careful. Lives up to the hype, watch.”

  • “The Wellness OG does give off that piney, kushy, just lovely aroma & is quite strong in effects. But not a total "couch lock" it is a very "happy" type strain for me anyways. It just gives me that warm, overall good feeling that good cannabis gives me (especially OG). Nice dense buds too & just like the description says it is sticky & my sample was completely CAKED in trichomes. Definitely a strain to pick up if u se...”

  • “Pick this up at the WEED in Studio city, this is some bomb og. Wouldn't mind smoking this my whole life.”

  • “What a great tasting smoke! Smooooth! I got a nice head high followed by a full body buzz and lasted for hours!”

  • “Light 5 Candles, and Ring 5 Bells...Wellness Og is worthy of a 5 Star Ding-Dong Rating. The Leafly overview says it all....”