White 99 Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “White 99, the mother of White Dawg, will simply fu** u up, Next level strain for sure. Great strain for critical thinking, gaming, sleeping, etc..I can't keep enuff on hand. White 99 has tight, frosty nugs, w/ the piney taste. Let it sit out a while, break it up, chief it, and fly to space....”

  • “I got a 21% THCA White 99 OZ and my god do I get shlumped off this strain. One of my favorite strains. My friends and I will assemble the blunt forces and take a couple blizzys to the dome and I just get soooooo shlumped. Not a worry in the world. No anxiety. No depression. No fucks. Just goofy times and good vibes.”

  • “Again thank you guys for listening and adding these strains! White 99 has been around for years and gained quite a bit of popularity. The unique musky, sweet citrus flavor always catches my attention. It definitely reflects its parents well. After ingesting any depression I was feeling quickly vanished and I was left with only positive thinking and relaxation. I experienced a good amount of cerebral activity as...”

  • “I have the white 99 strain which I am 99% sure is the choice pheno from The Green solution in Denver CO. It was often referred to as "Glass slipper". It has dense heavy yielding nugs and is frosted, if grown well and flushed correctly the nugs will have a berry like smell and taste. This bud is very easy to lose your turp profile in the cure.”

  • “I completly love this strain, it really helps with my insomnia”

  • “Wtf!!!! this one kicked my a$$. very strong all over body high. very easy to zone out on. absolutely in love with this one. the taste is amazing.. like chewing on flowers with a hint of lemon. the smell is out of this world had a slight berry citrus hit to the smell. Instant high and omg is it quite lovely.”

  • “best bud I've tried by far”

  • “Very uplifting high. The smell of the nug is more of like a berry smell.”