White Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I recently came across this strain and all I have to say is DAMN this stuffs DANK! It's a very potent cross of UK Cheese and White Widow, I use mine for nighttime use as it will put me to sleep it is a very pungent strong strain that has climed up the top of my ladder quickly. Smells like dank cheese smokes like heaven, great for almost everything honestly. If you see this strain in your local dispensery DEFINITELY g...”

  • BJW

    “A cross of two really nice strains, White Widow and Cheese, via Zambeza seeds. The skunky-cheesy funk is very much present and there in equal parts is the Widow's hashy-earthy scent ... you can tell this is going to be potent at first smell. Looks more like the Widow as well, with a medium-darker green appearance and reasonably dense cone shaped nuggets - a little bit of the gold look from the Cheese and the pale w...”

  • “Flavour reminds me of artificial white cheese covered popcorn. Very pungent, funky and earthy. Effects: body high/warmth, controlled appetite, moderate energy, very subtle dry mouth.”

  • “White cheese must be one of the best trains for night time use or early in the moring before work, if your moring isnt rushy. If you smoke one clean blunt before bed, you will go to sleep after 1hour quaranteed. The body relaxing high is so powerfull I love the feeling alot.”

  • “Strong shyt for the average chiefer, has early onset and Late hits making it a fast acting and long-lasting kinda Hi. A Must Try!”

  • “Very good. :)”

  • “Very good strain for stress, and mood elevation. Very easy grow, covered in trichs, and reeks of cheese. Good smoke”

  • “Intense flavors. Not recommended for smokers interested in fruity-fresh flavors. Pleasant high -sleepier than I usually enjoy- but pleasant still.”