White Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The White Dawg has to be one of my favorite strains. I can't believe it has such a low rating. This is some of the strongest fire around hands down. It's genetics are OG Raskal's The White x Chem Dawg #3(Tres Dawg). I guess some people don't like good weed, but me, I love it and The White Dawg has to be the strongest out there.”

  • “White Dawg is an excellent day-timer strain; thick, uplifiting yet clear-minded high, even as a concentrate. WD will get you good and medicated without feeling overly so; you just feel good, up and happy with this chatty girl. It seems to to have a sharp, pungent smell when heated up and is accompanied by a profound flavor of green pine or even hops. In short, a great choice for outdoor adventure, urban shenanigans o...”

  • “First thing about this awesome strain is the euphoria and happiness associated with it. First time smoking this was a wax concentrate and it definitely got me a easy [9.5] but in a good environment I could totally see this as a super good stress reliever. I was finding hilarity in almost anything, like someone had previously stated it took me back to my first smoking days. White Dawg is a perfect hang out strain and ...”

  • “This is such a euphoric strain! Not much depth to the effects beyond that, but man does it feel good! Great to ingest in the form of concentrate in a social environment. It lacks the typical spirituality/mindfuck found in higher doses of other sativas, instead gaining more and more euphoria as dosage goes up. My headaches and cramps got totally wiped out, but I did find in higher doses of concentrate I got a bit dizz...”

  • “White Dawg is a strain to be intimidated by. Sugary in trichomes comparable to Super Lemon Haze, it is the breed of Chemdawg 4 White Widow. One hell of an upper, I was up and going, talking, and enjoying my strong body and mind high. I combined it after the initial hit with Super Lemon Haze, Chocolope, Dutch Treat and some out of this world Platinum OG x Blue Bream BHO Shatter to achieve a high unknown to mankind b...”

  • “This stuff is no joke. If you have anything to get done when you smoke it, get it done first. It's an intense couch lock high that hits the head and the body and holds you in place, where ever you may be. But after a few bowls, it just knock you out. For me, it's best for one nice big bowl a couple of hours before bed, maybe a hit or two for a pick me up, but that's it.”

  • “First time I have tried this strain. Tasty stuff and dense nuggets”

  • “Love this strain! If you want a strong strain that also has great effects, long lasting, happy feeling, relaxing yet makes you feel good and uplifted when tired, than choose WD! I am a roofer and have the day off and this is the perfect strain to clear my head, relax my body, and still be focused so that I can get all of my errands taken care of on my day off, I get mine from LIGHTSHADE on Sheridan in Colorado, it is...”