White Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I purchased a gram of white dream from the Giving Tree Wellness center. . The effects I received were more towards the upper sativa side. I was aware/focused, a bit euphoric, stress free, and relaxed. Not a heavy hitter at all and didn't have me fully where I wanted to be (which is the reason for 3 stars. The aroma of White dream is pungent and very sweet with beautiful trichs.”

  • “I picked up this one at my dispensary because it was listed as helpful for migraines and I happened to have one that day. My migraine cleared up instantly and I still felt clear-headed enough to do some chores as well. The strain smells very sweet and citrusy”

  • “Great sativa effects leave me feeling uplifted and energetic. The anti-inflammatory properties helped my Crohn's disease. Also helped my mom with her MS pain.”

  • “This was very nice I am smoking this right now I am ripped very good shit I love it makes me feel like needles poking me because it's a stiva but makes me feel happy emotional I had a 2 hours chat and I fell so go love uncle awesome”

  • “This is one of my top 5 favorites. I usually only stay in my "peak" high for about 15-20 minutes. With this strain I feel it for at least an hour. Giggly, happy, creative. Love this for nighttime unwinding.”

  • “very nice hybrid!”

  • “Taste like jazmine tea, pretty good”

  • “I've discovered my perfect Happy Place with White Dream🙂”