White Elephant Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Nice smell, has a light fruit fragrance; it is not super loud (open up the jar, and it doesn't really smell up the room). Have very bad depression, and this helps a great deal. One of my favorite strains!”

  • “This is a good strain. Great taste and smell.”

  • “This is my go to strain for muscle relaxation and back pain. I have a severely deformed c spine which gets extremely painful and the only thing that helps relax those muscles is the big white elephant. It also helps for the pain in my l spine herniated discs. It completely knocks me out without any side effects other than dry mouth. Once I get up again I'm nicely relaxed and pain free. Unfortunately it's only tempora...”

  • “The presentation on these buds is second to none. Big, fat, juicy nugs that take garden sheers to get through. For this reason it may have been why my buddy and I experienced smoking issues with a joint. It was constantly needing to be relit. As usual, 2 smokes for me to review and both were very pleasant highs. I was pretty couch ridden after doing some gardening but it was welcomed. Was also very thirsty but not m...”

  • “well i know why it's called white elephant. this shit hits like a charging elephant. but, it mellows well after a bit. moves to a solid body high. really enjoyed a solid, relaxing stone but still enjoyed a good conversation and no pain.”

  • “This stuff is only stuff I've had in months that has given me a euphoric feeling”

  • “Indica with high THC. (18-20%) Smell has undertones of sweet raspberry, as does the taste.”