White Fire Alien OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I would describe the feeling of this strain as intensely warm and inviting. I felt as though I was sleeping under a blanket made from pelts of the direwolves of my enemies.”

  • “Raven Grass White Alien OG: Recommend by Novel Tree ;This is a great product for experienced smokers Hits nice and hard with a nice punch to head and body. I suggest find a nice place to relax for a bit and enjoy and always see my friends at Novel Tree Bellevue”

  • “-my nighttime Meniers Disease Symptoms relief -very relaxing -sleepy towards the end”

  • “so far my favorite strain. very relaxing body high, no headaches, helps with my anxiety. after a long days of work, wifi alien og is my best friend. usually go to West Seattle marijuana store for it, unfortunately they didn't have it but recommended something "similar" but it is definitely not the same.”

  • “White Fire Alien OG is a definite must try for all pot enthusiasts! 60/40 Indica Dom. High hits immediately, with a strong initial inhale, the name "white fire" seems relevant, having a nice mid-thick smoke to follow, delicious enough to want more but potent enough to be a one-hitter quitter. Nugs are dense, moist and smell of sweet lemons. Dark cones covered in crystals, sticky and pungent After initial high hit...”

  • “Great chemical, diesel smell with a hint of lemon. A couple hits and I was already baked. The look at the buds are covered in sugar as the high gives you more energy than a couch lock stoned high. Some good ass weed.”

  • “I was debating on rather or not to give this strain 5 stars. After smoking a decent sized bowl of this stuff I got very good effects. Full body relaxation almost as if my whole body was melting. Bud was very frosty and had the classic pine og smell to it. after an hour of smoking this strain I became very sleepy. For stress and insomnia or anxiety look no further.”

  • “Everyone is different and just because I had a bad experience with this strain doesn't mean that I can't see the potential in it. Also, i should note that I am very new to this and it's possible that my tolerance level is very low and mixed with this potent strain was simply a recipe for disaster. It was recommended to me for my anxiety and it really only heightens my stress/paranoia levels. It acts VERY quickly and ...”