White Gold Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “shit got me so blazed I sang to my cat”

  • “Oh. My. God. White Gold is probably one of the best upcoming strains out there! This indica-dominant hybrid gives you an uplifitng and clear headed high, while your body is in a soft chill. Because of that, activities are still very enjoyable. For medical use, the effects can encourage to overcome social anxiety and depression, since they make you pretty talkative when letting them through. In higher dosages, White...”

  • “Beautiful bud. So many crystals. Smell comes with it as well. You cannot go wrong with this strain and I won't be surprised if this becomes one of the more popular strains soon.”

  • “Love it for its body buzz/pain relief and uplifting, clear head buzz. Great buds, greens and orange hairs covered in chromes. Very dense and sticky, little goes a long way, buz lasts for a little bit too but is so mellow you can study or hit the gym no problem for me. An over all great strain, Will be getting more asap, didn't know it was gonna be this good.”

  • “Some fire bud nugs were trichome covered with bright orange hairs 😋”

  • “Amazing Indica with a pungent Lime smell, Earthy smoke, strong Indica.”

  • “Another more rare strain I have come across. And my goodness does this girl hit hard. Just took 2 bong rips and I now an hour later am writing the review. So pleasant. Stoney in the head without giving me the munchies. Soaking this sun up! The taste isn't my favorite. But when I can rip a strain and I don't feel the need to load another bowl for at least an hour is a strain to hold onto!”

  • “You know how all these reviews say it's super happy and social and uplifting? It really, really is. This happened last night: -- "Did you have a good at work today? You're doing a lot of dancing in your chair." -- "Not really. I think it's the weed!“ That theory was confirmed this morning when coffee and TV inspired... yup, you got it... more chair dancing. 💃🔥 Ima go back to the shoppe tomorrow for another eight...”