White Gorilla Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This ish right here.... I thought my last three strains were strong. American Kush Kush N Cheese Platinum Girl Scout Cookies... This white gorilla tastes different it's strong as hell and when I roll up I only need like half a joint and I'm good. This one is up there with Gooberry Top 5”

  • “I was shocked to see that there were no reviews for this strain. White Gorilla is very potent and you feel the effects right away. Its very sedating and relaxing. I recommend this strain to those who suffer from pain, anxiety and insomnia.”

  • “I absolutely love this Strain. Immediate updates uplifted effects, and amazing focus and attention to detail. This definitely gets you up off the couch and motivates you to complete tasks. Overall sense of happiness, and all worries melt away. Everything seems manageable which is amazing for someone like me with ptsd, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Nothing seems out of reach. The first two hours I felt the strongest effe...”

  • “White Gorilla 🔥🔥🔥 Flames!!!!!! One bowl by myself got me in he bathroom with my speaker getting lit!!🔥”

  • “Potent and great taste but short lasting high”

  • “This strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid. Having an overactive brain, this is a great strain because it starts in your head. It will slow down your thoughts and then a few minutes later you will end up with a fully body relaxation. I have not experienced any couch lock with this strain, but it works well for the end of the day. The fact that it hits the head and the body is great for winding down your day. Grea...”

  • “definitely an upgrade from just gorrila glue 4 on it's own...”

  • “Smooth toke, smells great. Ideal for a rainy day.”