White Knight Reviews

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  • “Bought an eight from my local rec store here in WA state, and as a daily smoker for ~25 years, I can honestly say its one of the greatest strains I ever Smoked. Might be a new fave. Anxiety depression stress and pain melts away almost on exhale, a smooth, sweet, candy-like taste, and by the 3rd bong hit, I set it down and was baked for 2-3 hours. It moves from mind down to body, and couch melt without couch lock. A...”

  • “damn im litt, haha, . i can talk to myself in my head. pretty cool. i feel overwhelmed with a sense of happimess.”

  • “Although in my area of Washington, White Knight is a cross of White Widow and Blue Knight, making it a very heavy hitting indica. True to the scent it has an piney pungent smell to it and tastes sweet like berry and skunk, long lasting body high for about 2 hours and a nice sedating effect. Great for pain, hyperactivity, insomnia, stuff like that. Definitely worth shelling out the big bucks for this top shelf indica!...”

  • “White Knight OG, bought an 8th and it's a high mixed strain with OG & Hybrid. Nice body and mind high.”

  • “was very excited after reading the reviews however very disappointed in the strain... though...I have a feeling it may have been grower error. the buds, though dense, have no color in the trichromes and smells of chlorophyll. it's disappointing to see these amateur errors from a grower who feels they are good enough to supply dispensaries. pulling plants too early and curing too quickly is abuse of the flower and the...”

  • “great high good for the body and mind”

  • “good for the mind”

  • “What Im smoking †onigh†👍I first smoked outside in the near freezing👀 temps at the HI-WAY Mart. Ididnt 👃 feel thaaaat Hiya but comfortably 👄 smoking,it feels good. 👌”