White Romulan Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “FROSTY FROSTY AND MORE FROST!!! Beautiful looking strain with a very smooth smoke that has a high that creeps up on you.. Strong Thc count that will def give veteran smokers a kick they will look forward to coming back too!! If you are a top shelf smoker make sure you got your mason jar with its White Romulan label on it or you will be missing out on some fire Bud!!”

  • “Beware - novice and ignorant I was recommended this at the dispensary due to migraines and it was strain #3 in my new 'medicated' life. I didn't get the 'head wrap' that I was explained would happen and while it did help the pain a bit - wasn't outstanding. Some of my head pain lately is starting at the shoulders and that ache never got better. White Romulan did seem strong so I kept it light and the strain giv...”

  • “White Romulan is a creeper that provides a great body numbing pain relief, though not too heavy, completed by a pleasant calm motivation. Very pretty frosty white flowers, with a sweet piney aroma.. Good anytime medication.”

  • “My favorite Strain so far . Clear , motivating but relaxed ,symptom masking ,magical looking , best I've felt in a long time .”

  • “Tastes good, feels good. Definitely relaxing and my go to after I'm done with work.”

  • “Excellent Indica no doubt. Seconds after inhaling you feel your eyes drop and your pain go to the way side. Nice clear focused high to start leading into a night time knockout. Great strain!”

  • “One of my favorites. Everything just seems so incredibly interesting. Storylines in average TV shows suddenly have so much depth and hidden meaning. And every joke, no matter how lame, is rendering you into a pile of stifled giggles. Life feels FUN. Would highly recommend.”

  • “Really nice and mellow.”