White Russian Reviews

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  • “When I was a mere lad, my father warned me of the dangers of marijuana. He told me, "If I catch you stealing any of MY pot, I'll kick your scrawny little ass!" My father was an angry drunk with Vietnam flashbacks. He could have used some White Russian. However, with Russian in the name, he would have thought it was some kind of Commie plot to steal his ditchweed. But he'd have been wrong: White Russian is a fluffy li...”

  • “Smoked just one bowl out of my pipe and i was gone. the high was almost instantaneous, and you could definitely tell it was a sativa dominant hybrid, but the indica was just the right amount. It kept me lit for pretty long, about 3-4 hours till i felt completely sober. definitely a great strain!”

  • “The only White Russian I've tried is through a local dispensary. I'm turned off by the fluffy leafy look of it. I finally gave it a shot after the selection lacked anything desirable. I am pleasantly shrodused by this indica dominant hybrid. I didn't realize just how strong the initial sativa onset is and wish I had known sooner. This strain reminds me of the mystery baggies from my twenties...back when a baggie wi...”

  • “Best weed i have ever tried, AMAZING saliva high, beautiful flower. The taste is an extremely smooth earthy strong taste, white widow x ak47 really is perfect.”

  • “Smoked a small bit before starting a paper for a class. Next thing I knew 3 hours had passed and I was ten pages in. Shit gets done man.”

  • “White Russian is definitely one of my favorite Sativa Dominant Hybrids. I usually smoke sativa for daytime use because it helps with my anxiety, mental stress. This strain was able to alleviate my symptoms within minutes. Depending on the quality of the Bud, you can feel the effects instantly. The effects were euphoria, happiness, relaxation. It helped me focus, stay active, and get things done. This strain is also...”

  • “Its almost like a Monster Energy drink with THC lol Best I've ever experienced in terms of being active and not the stereotypical "lazy pothead"”

  • “One of my favorite highs. Very uplifted feeling, which sometimes was quite energizing. I wanted to just get up and DO things constantly. Very potent with a strong head buzz and an almost psychedelic high. Very tasty as well. A top notch strain all around.”