White Siberian Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Awesome CBD strain that gives a tingle in the girly bits!”

  • “Beautiful lighter green with lots if crystals. Pungent aroma. Smooth and flavorful, giving a very pleasant heady buzz. Plus it really kills a lot of my arthritic pain.”

  • “Great for both pain and amazing sex, ha!”

  • “Very sensual...a lovely lady who soothes and calms the body...feel all your cares melt away...ahh...”

  • “I absolutely LOVE this strain! I've had my card for about two months and have smoked many strains (smoker for 8 years) and this is by far my favorite for a couch potato/relaxed high.”

  • “Very Enjoyable! Great for Nausea!”

  • “Fantastic cross of white widow x ak-47 = huge yields and high THC content. The often mistaken sativa white widow (though causing indica like effects) works wonders with the ak-47. Huge resinous buds covered in wonderful milky/amber trichomes makes for one beautiful plant”

  • “This is one of my new favorites!! Mixed it with the shake from Mohave Green Dispensary, which is Platinum Wreck, and it made the best medicine ever!!! Made cannabis infused coconut oil with it......outstanding!!! 5 Stars!!!”