White Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice nuggets real og gangsta weed, i smoked this and my mind was like jänkäjonko. I took hits from the kingokongo, it was spantterspasting.”

  • “Being an extremely active person as well as anxious, White Skunk has been a saviour to my mind and nerves. I am functionally relaxed and really enjoy the natural, orange creamsicle aroma and flavor.”

  • “This one is really nice for pain. It is for me anyway, Instant relief.”

  • “I love my White Skunk Concentrate. the taste is mild, the smoke is clear. The way I feel though, sleepy, relaxed, it's wonderful to nut hurt tonight..”

  • “found some white skunk with 2.7 cbd and 20 thcc its a high ceiling and a cerebral at first. didnt notice any sleepiness even at high doses which is nice.. the smell isnt super strong but complex with orange citrus/pine/skunk odor. when I first opened the jar it was reallllyyy nice smelling like earthy skunk berry. its a pretty heavy effect but only after you moke alot, which I reccomend”

  • “I'd give this strain a solid 4 stars. Try this indica-dominant first thing on a lazy Saturday morning; I guarantee you won't be disappointed. More cerebral than you would expect. I found it to be a nice balance. Don’t forget to turn up the tunes with this one.”

  • “Yo. This shit is NICE. Like a nice laid back high that lasts for hours!”

  • “Great Strain to relax after a long day at work. A light taste and a little odor with a powerful mental breeze, gives rise to a stream of senses. Try at the end of the day with good tea.”